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Jazz and the Classical Guitar / Theory and Application

(Book and Online Audio)


This book is designed to familiarize classical guitarists with the musical vocabulary of jazz, and to encourage jazz guitarists to explore the beautiful sonorities and limitless expressive potential of the classical guitar. The first half of the book contains theoretical explanations focused on harmonic analysis of the types of chord changes and song forms one routinely encounters in the jazz repertoire, as it demonstrates the application of all twelve notes of the chromatic scale to any chord in any situation. The second half of the book is comprised of Ken Hatfield’s original compositions and transcriptions of his improvised solos. The 14 audio tracks from the second half of the book are now available online. For those of you who would prefer to access these 14 audio tracks via CD, you may purchase a CD for an additional $5. This optional CD is available only with the purchase of the book.

DOWNLOAD a sample of this book, which includes the Table of Contents and Exercise 9.


Books and Companion Folios

12 Preludes for Solo Guitar

Etudes for Solo Guitar in 24 Keys

Jazz and the Classical Guitar

New York Suite

Sonata in E Major

Nine Jazz Duets

Contrapuntal Etudes


“Ken Hatfield, a very fine jazz and classical guitarist and an impressive musical historian offers to the classical guitarist, perhaps for the first time in such an exhaustive manner, a primer on effective jazz techniques that are employable specifically to the classical guitarist.  Outlining from the most basic theoretical considerations to quite complex jazz permutations, polytonality, etc., this exhaustive treatise is a true history lesson on the workings of jazz in a comprehensive and highly accessible format.”

– excerpt, GuitArt magazine, 2006, issue 1, p. 47

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