Dyad Cover

“Few can match Ken Hatfield for the sheer beauty of his compositions.  With Dyad, his artistry reaches new heights.  Brilliant performances by an outstanding group of musicians makes for extraordinary listening.”

–Randall Kremer, Smithsonian Institution


“This is an interesting CD by Berklee-educated acoustic guitarist Ken Hatfield, who proves here how enjoyable a disc of all original compositions can be—when melodies and instrumentation are tight and swinging! . . .  It is terrific to hear a masterful acoustic guitar player like Ken Hatfield who plays his instrument with great lyricism and style.  He is clearly a skilled musician who has crafted some fascinating melodies, and who also has the experience and presence of mind to step back and be a part of his own ensemble. . . .  Hatfield continues to express his original voice from track to track. . . .  ‘Hats off’ to Mr. Hatfield!—for creating these beautiful tunes and for presenting a recording of style and substance.”

–excerpt, Ray Hoffman review of Dyad in Jazz Improv, Vol. 3 no. 1


“Hatfield is a real talent who is heading the current resurgence of the nylon string guitar in jazz. . . .  Ken uses the classical instrument exclusively as a vehicle to communicate his musicality, compositions, arrangements and stunning technique.  Highly recommended.”

–excerpt, Andy MacKenzie review of Dyad in Just Jazz Guitar, November 2000




“This is one great band! . . .  As always, Hatfield’s compositions equal the high caliber of his musicianship. . . .  Ken Hatfield is setting new standards—both as a composer and guitarist—which mark him as a singular artist.”

–excerpt, Jim Fisch review of Dyad in 20th Century Guitar Magazine, “The Jazz Box,” December 2000


“. . . his guitar work, which employs fingerstyle technique on a nylon-string instrument, is highly fluid and fluent. . . .  Hatfield is in especially good form. . . .”

–excerpt, Jim Ferguson review of Dyad in JazzTimes, May 2001


“Charlie Byrd pioneered it, and Ken Hatfield is continuing a marvelous legacy of melodic nylon-string jazz guitar.  With his third CD release, Dyad, Hatfield is gaining notice with his ability to cross over musical boundaries and play it right.  The more I listened to this recording, the more I was struck by how much music is on it. . . .  The release of Dyad makes it clear that this Hatfield is the real McCoy.”

–excerpt, Kirk Albrecht review of Dyad @ www.minor7th.com