Music for Guitar and Bass

“[Hatfield] swings!  All in all this is an excellent CD, and should stand as a major release when viewing the development of the classical guitar in jazz.”

–excerpt, Andy MacKenzie review of Music for Guitar and Bass in Just Jazz Guitar, May, 1999


“A wonderful eclecticism distinguishes the performances of Ken Hatfield and Hans Glawischnig on Music for Guitar and Bass.  Much of it springs from Hatfield’s carefully tailored compositions. . . that allow for a full range of expression and styles from the two musicians. . . .  Both men have great rhythmic impulses that never leave the music wanting for any other percussive effect. . . .  The set. . . is relaxed and intimate.”

–excerpt, Jim Fisch review of Music for Guitar and Bass in 20th Century Guitar Magazine, “The Jazz Box,” December 1998


“Ken Hatfield demonstrates a keen mastery of the acoustic nylon-string guitar on this set of original jazz compositions. . . .  Hatfield and Glawischnig play with admirable cohesion while turning out many nice improvisations. . . .  Hatfield’s exceptional writing particularly shines. . . .”

–excerpt, Jim Ohlschmidt review of Music for Guitar and Bass in Acoustic Guitar, March 1999


“I was captivated. . . .  the musicianship and compositions were nothing short of stunning.”

–Brad Stone, Music Director, KKUP-FM