“Ken Hatfield can easily be called the modern day Fernando Sor.  His Etudes for Solo Guitar in 24 Keys are really beautiful melodic and harmonic pieces.  They explore just about every technique involved in performance, from bringing out melodies, to inner voice movement, to bass line movement, while articulating chord voicings.  They provide added repertoire while paving the way for personal creativity.”

– Gene Bertoncini


Etudes for Solo Guitar in 24 Keys is a very well written book.  Ken Hatfield explores all 24 keys with excellent results.  Great for the advanced student and the professional as well.  Congratulations, Ken.”

– Jorge Morel


“Better Title:  24 Well Written Tunes to Enjoy Listening To and Learning. . . .  You will get a lot out of this book by just listening to the CD and following along in the score.  You do not have to actually be able to play these tunes in order to get the benefit of both the enjoyment and the education. . . .  I would recommend Ken Hatfield’s Etudes for Solo Guitar in 24 Keys because of its excellent musical content.”

– excerpt, Randy Finney, review at



“Ken Hatfield is a consummate musician whose resume includes work with Charlie Byrd, Z.Z. Hill and composing scores for film and television. . . . Although the CD is a companion to Hatfield’s printed folio of these etudes, the performances are quite interesting and listenable on their own. . . . Intermediate and advanced guitarists will find much here to widen their harmonic and rhythmic palettes, but casual listeners are also in for a treat.”

– excerpt, Patrick Ragains,


“Ken Hatfield has put together an educational book and cd set that is perfect for guitar enthusiasts of all styles.  Mixing together elements of both Andres Segovia and George Van Eps, Hatfield’s book and disc have a warmth of sound, yet are well supplied with technical prowess.  The book will keep the student busy for months, while the disc can serve as either a guide, an inspiration, or simply something to enjoy for its own sake.”

– excerpt, George W. Harris,


“. . . Classical guitarist Ken Hatfield’s set of etudes in all 24 major and minor keys is a well-written, elegant collection of pieces.  Hatfield has a deft sense for chord voicings, crafting suave progressions even in those pesky flat keys that exploit nary an open string. . . .  Hatfield’s set of etudes would be an excellent instructional for guitarists trying to extend their technique to encompass a variety of positions and progressions; but they also make for enjoyable listening.”

– excerpt, Christian Quill,


“Not too many guitarists can compose 24 instrumental guitar pieces, transcribe and record them and then present them on CD with written notation for each piece in book form.  However, that’s exactly what NYC-based guitarist Ken Hatfield has done on his 2008 release Etudes for Solo Guitar in 24 Keys.  Released as a combined book and CD set and sold together, as well as a separate CD, Hatfield’s Etudes is a real boon for guitar lovers and musicians alike.”

– excerpt, Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar magazine, November 2008


“. . . This is a very interesting, varied, and worthwhile book, especially for an intermediate guitarist wanting new, short pieces to learn and polish, or a teacher searching for new material for advancing students.”

– excerpt, Paul Hintz, Guitarist, November/December 2008


“The title says it all with this fine album.  Twenty-four selections. . . played by Ken Hatfield, a gifted and talented acoustic guitarist.  Hatfield spins a variety of musical webs that kept me solidly entertained throughout. . . . This one is sure to please guitar fans.”

– excerpt, Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer, January 2009